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Wednesday, November 20th 2013. | Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo Automobiles SpA also simply known as the Alfa Romeo is an Italian car manufacturer. Alfa Romeo has been part of the Fiat SpA since 1986. The company was originally known as the ALFA, which is an acronym for Fabbrica Automobili Anonymous Lombarda the company that Alfa Romeo has been called ” Darracq Italiana ” in 1907 by Cavaliere Ugo Stella, an aristocrat from Milan, founded in partnership with French car company is known Alexandre Darracq. The company initially produced Darracq cars in Naples, but after the partnership collapsed Stella and the other Italian co-investors moved production to an idle Darracq factory in the suburbs of Milan, the Portella, and the company was renamed ALFA.

Alfa Romeo logo Alfa RomeoThe first non-Darracq car produced by company was in 1910 24 HP (named after the 24 hp it produced), designed by Giuseppe Merosi. Merosi was to design a series of new ALFA cars with more powerful engines. ALFA also ventured into motor racing, drivers Franchini and Ronzoni competing in 1911 Targa Florio with two 24 HP models. But the beginning of the First World War interrupted car production at ALFA for three years.

1916, the company was under the direction of Neapolitan entrepreneur Nicola Romeo, who converted to produce military hardware for the war and Italian allies the factory. Ammunition, aircraft engines and other components, compressors and generators were on the existing car engines in the economy, and heavy locomotives produced seat in the plant during the war. When the war ended, Romeo took complete control of ALFA and took the vehicle production in 1919. In 1920 the company name was changed to Alfa Romeo badged with the Torpedo 20-30 HP always the first car, as such. Giuseppe Merosi continued as head designer, and the company continued to produce solid road cars and racing cars of success.

In 1923 Vittorio Jano was lured away from Fiat, partly thanks to the persuasion of a young Alfa racing driver named Enzo Ferrari, to replace Merosi as project executive of Alfa Romeo. The first Alfa Romeo under Jano was the P2 Grand Prix car, the Alfa Romeo won the world championship in 1925. For Alfa road cars Jano developed a series of small and medium-displacement 4, 6 and 8 core online-cylinder on the P2 unit that the classic architecture of Alfa engines, with light metal construction, hemispherical combustion chambers, core plugs were set, two rows in front of valves per cylinder and two are located on header. Draft Jano proven to be reliable and powerful.

1928 Nicola Romeo left, with Alfa terminated broke after defense contracts and in 1933, Alfa Romeo was from the government, which was then rescued effective control. Alfa became an instrument of Mussolini’s Italy, a national emblem. The Alfa factory was bombed during the Second World War, and struggled to return to profitability after the war. The luxury vehicles were out. Production vehicles began less produced in factories Alpha. In the 1970s Alfa was again in financial trouble. The Italian government made ​​the scene in 1986, and Fiat bought, create a new group, Alfa Lancia SpA, to manufacture Alfas and Lancia. Alfa Romeo has many prestigious victories in the following categories : Formula 1, Prototypes, Touring and Fast Touring. Private drivers also entered some rally competitions, with good results.

In 1923 Vittorio Jano, the Alfa Fiat was attracted to the design of the engines that gave Alfa racing success in the late 1930s. In the 1930s, Tazio Nuvolari won the Mille Miglia in a 6C 1750 over the finish line after he incredibly overtaken Achille Varzi without lights. The 8C 2300 Le Mans 24 Hours 1931-1934 ₩ made ​​with Alfa Romeo withdrawing from racing in 1933, when the Italian government took power, and racing of Alfas was then Scuderia Ferrari as Alfa outsourced team. 1935 Alfa Romeo won the Grand Prix of Germany with Nuvolari. In 1938, the Mille Miglia won in a Biondetti 8C 2900B Corto Spyder, then known as model ” Mille Miglia “.

In 1950 Nino Farina won the Formula One World Championship in a 158 with compressor, 1951 Juan Manuel Fangio won while driving an Alfa Romeo 159th Alfa Romeo return to Formula One in 1976, initially as a supplier of engines for Brabham and then as the builder of mid-1979 to end of 1985. Alfa also supplied engines for the small Italian Osella team from 1983 to 1988. There was little success, although Brabham-Alfa had two victories in 1978.

In the 1960s Alfa Romeo became famous for its small car developed and models specifically designed for the Italian police-” Panthers ” and Carabinieri, including IT and glorious Giulia Giulia Super or the 2600 Sprint GT, which acquired the expressive nickname of ” Inseguimento “. Before he bought from Fiat, Alfa Romeo always had a daring commercial policy, constantly experimenting with new solutions and use them in its series production, even at the risk of losing market share. Alfa style often controversial and unorthodox, and often challenged assumptions about the style.

1995 Alfa Romeo ceased exporting cars to the U.S.A to return, however as the FAQ on the site of Alpha UK, says: ” The expected return of Alfa Romeo to the U.S.A market to be held in 2007, with a number of new models. ” the models set to arrive for the first time in the United States are the Alfa Romeo 159, Brera and Spider, which were originally designed to pass the safety standards of the United States. Return of Alfa Romeo to the United States was at 05 Confirmed May 2006 by the President of Fiat, Sergio Marchionne.  Alfa Romeo sold through Maserati dealers American, possibly at the end of 2007.

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